8 Channel Distribution Amplifiers

8 Channel Distribution Amplifiers DA1-8HL
DA1-8 Manual – including circuit descriptions, typical performance, circuit diagrams and PCB overlays etc.  You will also need to refer to the DA1-4 Manual.
DA1-8HL Drill Overlay for case

The DA1_8 provides an 8 way split from RF input signals from well below 1MHz, up to around 12MHz with the installed Low Pass Filter.

DA1-8 Rear_sm
DA1-8HL front view
DA1-8HL rear view
DA1-8HL inside_sm
DA1-8HL bank phase_sm
Internal view of DA1-8HL
Phase difference between upper and lower PCB outputs

Note that all DA1-8HL units are supplied with Low Profile BNC sockets.

There is no RF version of this amplifier.


The performance of this amplifier is based on the known performance of the DA1-4 sub-units on which it is based. The oscilloscope plot above shows that the difference in output phase between outputs on the lower PCB (out 1 to out 4) and those on the upper PCB (out 5 to out 8) is very small – typ around 1.5 degrees, and is well within the variations that could be experienced across a single bank.
All unused outputs should be terminated in 50R for correct performance.