hupRF Home Page

Here you can find the catalogue and products of hupRF (formerly trading as G4HUP).  Those products and kits are put together by the same person, in the same way, to the same quality and with same quality support – it’s just a change of name!

hupRF at the National Hamfest – Stand 16!

hupRF will be trading from the flea market stand 16 on Friday 30th Sept.  On Sat 1st Oct, I will be doing stand duty on the RSGB TEC/Exams stand, so please come and find me there.

hupRF at National Convention – SMD workshops and a new product!  See the News pages.

IC718 PAT Installation notes added – see PAT pages.

Latest rig list version uploaded  – V11 – see PAT page

Available now! – 4m and 6m versions of the DG8 Masthead preamp – see the News page


G4HUP products are still available, and all previous documentation is available in the Archive section, so you can still get the information to assemble that kit you bought in 2011!

Existing products will continue to be branded as G4HUP, but as new products are introduced they will bear the hupRF marking.  Increasingly, you will also see me marketing quality products designed by others, such as the DG8 144MHz Masthead Preamplifiers, which are by GM3SEK.

Have a browse of the site.  If you want to place an order, there is a form at the bottom of the Orders page.  If you have any technical questions about products, then please e-mail using the form below.