DA1-8 Upgrade

It is possible to upgrade the DA1-4HL to the 8 channel DA1-8 version.  So when you reach the point where 4 outputs are not enough, here is the path to follow!

The upgrade kit contains a new case, the second DA1-4HL board and the few extra components needed to split the signal on the original board.  Your current DA1-4 PCB will become Board A of the new DA1-8HL  – Board A is the lower of the two.

The new board will be the B board,  and will be supplied with low profile BNC sockets, which are now my standard for all DA units.  Since your DA may have been supplied with the standard height BNC sockets, it is essential that it becomes the A board in the new unit.

Assembly instructions are as per the DA1-8HL manual, although you will need to be careful about the marking out of the new panel for the 8 sockets – the diagrams in the Manual are correct for the low profile sockets, but the standard ones are 2mm deeper.

The DA1-8U is available as a kit or as an assembly kit – see the Orders page for prices.