Distribution Amplifiers and Multi-couplers

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General Purpose Distribution Amplifiers
These amplifiers were designed primarily for the distribution of 10MHz reference signals around the shack and workshop, and other applications using signals up to about 100MHz.   However, both of the devices presented here (HL and RF versions) offer useful frequency responses well beyond that original spec. As well as 10MHz reference distribution, the DA1-4 variants may also be used for other applications including:

  • splitting LO outputs to drive transmit and receive converters,
  • sampling LO outputs to drive PLL’s and Reflocks etc,
  • as a range extender in large building internal paging systems (DA1-4RF version)
  • distributing antenna signals (including GPS) to multiple receivers (DA1-4RF version)
  • routing microwave IF’s to multiple receivers (eg conventional and SDR).

DA1-8 versions are not suitable for distributing frequencies beyond the HF range (up to 30MHz) without further gain.  This can be included on the PCB by the user.

Filtering and Isolation

These products include no signal isolation – if required this must be provided externally. On board filtering options are provided and the DA1-4HL and DA1-8HL both include a 10MHz LPF as as standard.