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Following the sad passing of Dave G4HUP last year,  Dave’s family has agreed that the HupRF  kits and Website is transferred to and managed by SDR-Kits going forward.
As SDR-Kits, we already had close ties with Dave’s business, selling several of his kits in the past.
Our aim is to keep the HupRF website going in memory of Dave’s contribution to the Radio Hobby.  We will be offering some of the HupRF kits for sale shortly on www.SDR-Kits.net website,  starting with the  50 MHz and 70 MHz PAT boards.
Technical information on the HupRF products will continue  to be  available from the Huprf.com Website.


Please note that copyright of HupRF website has now transferred to SDR Kits Limited.  However if you use or make reference to Technical information taken from the Website then please continue to give credit to Dave G4HUP (SK) who as original owner published most of the  Technical information on this website . It is the decent thing to give Credit where Credit is due.

Kind regards
Jan G5BBL & Tracy SDR-Kits

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Distribution Amplifiers / Multicouplers


Discontinued product  – Sorry.

E-Field Probe Active Antenna

We have a small number of Active Antennas in stock,  , supplied by Dave G4HUP to SDR-Kits when he was still alive.  We expect these Kits to become available by Mid May  2018

ed PCB. An optional hardware kit suitable for both versions is also available to complete the project.

EFPAK – Assembly kit
EFPK – SMD kit
EFPH – Hardware kit

EFPH Hardware Kit now includes pipe caps for 32mm waste pipe, as described in EFP Mounting but no longer includes the small plastic box for the probe mounting.

DG8 Preamps

The  DG8  2m preamp short kit is  expected to be available from 20th March 2018 from the www.SDR-Kits.net Webshop

  • Short kits containing the PCB, SPF5043 device, 4 x 10mm coils, earth tags and tuning wand. You need to buy the remaining components, build and align the pre-amp.

DG8’s for 4m and 6m may be offered later in 2018.       

Short kit – 144 MHz – 2m Band
£27.50 Export
£33.00 incl VAT
DG8-x + DCI-V kit
see below

Full component kits or bare PCB’s only will not be supplied for this product.   We regret the price increase of the shortkit,  this is due to mainly due to the increased cost of sourcing the Coilcraft inductor and trimming tool.

VHF/UHF DC Injector/Switched Bias Tee  

This product is expected to become available in Q2 2018 –

Supplied as a Kit or an Assembly Kit , this includes all the parts needed to complete the project. Some SMD soldering is required in the kit version.

PCB’s will not be available for this project – kits only.

DCI-VS Assembly Kit
DG8-x + DCI-VS Assembly Kit
DG8-x + DCI-VS kit


Panoramic Adaptor Tap Board

Orders for PAT Boards are offered via the www.SDR-Kits.net Webshop.   We are currently awaiting assembled PAT boards, delivery is expected before end of March or during 1st week of April 2018. Thank you for your patience.

PAT Board SMD Kits kits for self-assembly will be available for most rigs by mid April 2018. Please check the  SDR-Kits Webshop.
These are double sided PTH PCB board with legend – suitable as a entry level SMD project.

When you order, please check the out the following information from the HupRF.com Website to determine which version of the PAT board you need to order.

If your Rig is not listed, then check the Rig’s Service manual to determine what the 1st IF and optionally 2nd IF Frequency is.

  • Rig model:
  • Are you wanting IF tap or 2nd Rx function?
  • Do you want PAT SMD kit or an Assembled and Tested version?
  • Do you want socket or plug output?  (If there is a suitable hole at the rear of the rig to fit an SMA socket select the  GSIK kit, alternatively for a floating SMA cable output at the back select the GPIK kit)

Which PAT and Installation kit do you need for your rig?
PCB’s will not be sold separately for this item – kits or assembled units only

PAT Assembled 
PAT Kit 
Generic Socket kit GSIK 
Generic Plug kit GPIK
TS2k Installation kit
TMP cable – 30cm RG174 with one free end

K3 IF Buffer – discontinued at present time.
We are planning to supply a short kit for the PA K3 in May timeframe.

K3 IF Buffer Short Kit

LC Meter Kit – Discontinued.

NOTE: this is NOT an SMD kit!!

Full kit (including case and panel decal)
PCB Test Jig (with Meter kit)

Separate items

LC Meter PCB
Programmed 16F628
PCB Test Jig x 1
PCB Test Jig x 3

RF Current Meter – discontinued

PCB Single sided PCB board with meter, housing, ferrite and all components – this is not an SMD project!

PCB’s will not be sold separately for this item – only kits will be available

RFC Kit 
Replacement Transformer kit 

Latching Relay Driver – discontinued
PCB Double sided PTH board with legend – suitable as an entry level SMD project.

PCB’s will not be sold separately for this item – kits or assembled units only

LRD Assembled 
LRD Kit 

Crystals – discontinued
Room temp HC-49/U 3rd or 5th overtone series mode crystals for local oscillators etc. Stock frequencies are shown on the Crystals page, other frequencies and specifications available to order.