The crystals I provide are sourced from one of Europe’s prime crystal vendors, and have proved to be very reliable and excellent value for money.

I carry a range of room temp HC-49/U series mode crystals for local oscillators etc. in the stock frequencies shown below.  These are all cut for 20C operation, and have a tolerance of 20ppm.

  • 22MHz – 6m LO for 28MHz IF
  • 41MHz – 4m LO for 29MHz IF
  • 42MHz – 4m LO for 28MHz IF
  • 96MHz – 23cm LO for 144MHz IF
  • 101MHz – 70cm LO for 28MHz IF
  • 105.667MHz – 23cm LO for 28MHz IF
  • 106.5MHz – 3cm LO for 144MHz IF
  • 115MHz – 2m LO for 29MHz IF
  • 116MHz – 2m LO for 28MHz IF
  • 117MHz – 2m LO for 27MHz IF, and 6cm LO for 144MHz IF

Close tolerance, high spec, crystals for use in oven controlled circuits are available to order. Typically, these are 5ppm, 40C or 60C units.  Please contact me via the form on the front page or the Orders page with your needs.