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hupRF Home Page

 Following the sudden sad passing of Dave G4HUP in 2018,  Dave’s family agreed that the HupRF  Panoramic Adapter Tap (PAT) boards and his Website was transferred to and managed by SDR-Kits going forward.

Any supplier also selling G4HUP PAT boards are pirates who are breaching the copyright of Dave’s designs which SDR-Kits purchased from Dave’s family…

As SDR-Kits, we already had close ties with Dave’s business, selling several of his kits in the past.
Our aim is to keep the HupRF website going in memory of Dave’s contribution to the Radio Hobby.
We are now offering most of of the HupRF PAT Boards for sale on website

Technical information on the HupRF products will continue  to be  available from the Website.

Please see the  Orders & Pricing page for more information on product availability.

DG8 Short Kits for 144 MHz are also available from